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Mount Bromo

Probolinggo - East Java



Bentuk tubuh Gunung Bromo bertautan antara lembah dan ngarai dengan kaldera atau lautan pasir seluas sekitar 10 kilometer persegi. Ia mempunyai sebuah kawah dengan garis tengah ± 800 meter (utara-selatan) dan ± 600 meter (timur-barat). Sedangkan daerah bahayanya berupa lingkaran dengan jari-jari 4 km dari pusat kawah Bromo.



If you seek for sunrise, the best time to visit Bromo is between April and October. Why? Because it is dry season and free of fog, so we can enjoy the sunrise clearly. But in dry season Bromo will be more freezing. Meanwhile, on rainy season, you will get the beautiful green savanna. On dry season, they will go brown. We, personally, love this savanna, as you get this serenity feeling once you make time to stop and breathe in the moment. We also suggest you to come on weekdays, to avoid too much tourist.
Bear in mind that sunset is soon after 05:00 pm and sunrise is correspondingly early at around 05:00 am. This means you need to get up by 03:00 am or so to get to the viewpoint in time for dawn. It will be very crowded, so try to arrive as early as possible for a good spot.


Bromo area has 4 main destinations to visit. First is Penanjakan Hill (the sunrise point), Savannah (a field of grass surrounded by hills), Whispering Sand (the sea of sand), and Bromo Crater. All those destinations are within reach with the jeep. The only tracking you need to do is in the crater, where you have to hike up on the sand hill for 30 minutes. If you don’t want to shed any sweat, just pick a horse to rent.
To get around, you need to rent jeep. They will take you to all of the destinations. Private cars are not allowed, because of the extreme road.


Temperatures are refreshingly cool during the day but outright cold at night as temperatures can drop to zero in the dry season and are rarely much above 5°C in wet season. Daytime temperatures anywhere in the park never exceed 20°C with low teens being normal. So, you really want to bring your warm jacket here. Locals also rent jackets and hats, if you forgot yours.
It can rain at any time and the mean average rainfall of 6.6m is best measured in meters, not mm! Most of that comes in the wet season though – November to March.